Weight Watchers trial


I associate Weight Watchers with some of my Mum’s dieting behaviour in the 1990s.  Mum has both gained and lost huge amounts of weight in my lifetime, and it is something that she has struggled with very much.  I have always been conscious that I didn’t want to become a yo-yo dieter because I watched how distressed she became each time the weight crept back on, after she wasn’t able to maintain some of the strict calorie programs she had put herself on.  I remember her tracking her weight on a little sheet of graph paper and going to Weight Watchers meetings, and eating barely 1,000 calories a day and drinking those meal replacement shakes.  I know now that the meal replacement shakes were an entirely different program, not Weight Watchers, and she was just trying everything she could to get through plateaus.

Do I blame my Mum for my obesity?  Absolutely not – I am the child of two parents, and my Dad was a very fit and healthy man.  But I do shy away from anything that looks like a fad diet or too strict, because I remember seeing the tiny morsels of food my Mum placed on her plate when I was a teenager, and knowing that it was not able to be maintained.

So I associate Weight Watchers with yo-yo dieting, but I decided to bite the bullet and do a three-month online trial anyway.  Why?  Because I need something to motivate myself and I thought that counting points instead of calories might give me a bit of variety and novelty and get me kick-started again.  It’s not too crazy-different from My Fitness Pal or other types of trackers, but it’s different enough.  Here is a screen print of my food diary today, where I have entered my breakfast:

weight watchers plan manager

What I like about the reading I have been doing on their site so far is that it really isn’t encouraging me to eat strange and different foods.  There are many little quick tip guides that all look to be encouraging all the food groups and to eat well.

We are in the middle of an unusually warm run of days and nights, but at about 7:30pm last night Dave and I went for a 40 minute walk around the block, although it was still 31 degrees (87.8 farenheit).  This is the forecast for the next week, below.  It’s funny, next weekend I am working on Sunday, probably at least a 12 hour day, and yet I can’t wait for it to come around, for a break in this weather and a refreshing night of sleep!

weather forecast





  1. I understand what you mean about weight watchers being related to your mom’s dieting habits. But in my opinion, if you’re going to follow a program, this is the easiest to fit into your lifestyle. I wasn’t a member, but I used the same idea while I was losing weight. I sure hope it works for you! Or at least gets you on the right track!

  2. I’ve been researching dieting methods lately because I wanted to lose some weight to fit into my summer dresses again and I just thought how sad they all sounded. Like you said, it sounded like a constant struggle to maintain this and that, keep up the 1000 calories a day thing and what not, which sounded rather impossible and destined to fail in the end. Also none of them sounded very healthy. I thinks it’s more sensible to do little steps, try to eat well in general and get some exercise (walking etc) like you do, instead of radically trying to change your life style from one moment to the other. Hope it all works out well for you, whether with that method or with another! 🙂

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