Dave and Sandi’s 12 Week Challenge


On the weekend we booked the rest of our car hire and accommodation for our holiday in August to the USA – it has pretty much taken shape!  I sat down and looked at yet another two weeks of poor eating choices and laziness and wondered what I could do to motivate myself more.  Then we put our holiday dates into a Countdown Timer and it spat out three months to go:


Dave and I looked at each other, and we talked.  We both agreed we need motivation to eat better, exercise, and lose some weight so that we are more comfortable in the aeroplane and can enjoy our holiday.  So we have set ourselves a twelve week challenge!  12 kilograms in 12 weeks – much less scary than all the big goals I have been trying to set for myself.  It feels achievable, and not only that, but I feel like I have a partner in crime – Dave messaged me when I was at work today to say that he got on the exercise bike for the first time in many months.  I felt inspired!

So tonight I rode 10km in 20 minutes and I feel like we have skipped over a little hurdle together.  My friend Dee told me about a gym up the road that has just a $4 casual fee – no joining necessary – so I’m going to go check that out on Wednesday night because I feel the need to play on a treadmill and try this walking/shuffling thing again and maybe build up to some proper exercise plans again.  Here is my food diary today:

food diary 060513

So this morning I confess I stepped on the scales at 146.9 kilograms.  Heaviest I have been in a very long time, but guess what?  Next week I’ll be lighter.




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