I’m glad to be halfway through the week. I went to an ‘overview session’ today for a project that will bring about some major changes to the way my whole department works. I thought I would learn from the session but some people in there wanted to discuss all the negative impacts of the change and the things that will not be right on day one of the new system/tool being introduced. The people running the session let this happen, things went off track and I found it frustrating. Two and a half hours on an uncomfortable chair watching it unfold. Usually I am a bold speaker in meetings, ready to offer an opinion or judgement, and today I was in another pair of shoes entirely.

It is very windy outside. Dave isn’t home yet from gaming and I am going to bed and hoping he is safe on the road. Isn’t that silly, he’s a much more careful driver than me.

Once again I have over-eaten today despite starting with a healthy breakfast of porridge with fruit. I’m finding that I know I do not need chips with my wrap at lunchtime, a donut in the afternoon. My inner voice tells me this even as I order the food, hand over the money. I guess this is THE major thing I need to work on. Gluttony.

Gluttony. Yes I am most definitely a glutton. What a fantastic, horrible word.




  1. Ugh. I hate a bunch of negativity at work when trying new things. In order to improve, minds need to be opened to new things. And to feel like you can’t speak up must be difficult! Hang in there. It’s bound to get better.

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