Friday in Dot Points


  • I need a hair cut.  But I want to grow my hair.  But my fringe is in my eyes.  Just a little hair cut.  Next weekend, maybe, this one is going to be pretty busy.
  • Today at work I spent some time making a couple of posters.  This is for the all team event on Monday, so we can do a presentation.  It is important and interesting, but for a little while today I felt like a school kid with my glue stick, making pretty pictures.
  • Dave did lots of housework today so I came home to vacuumed floors, washed clothes, clean dishes …  that was pretty nice.
  • We watched Doctor Who tonight: “The End of the World” …  fun episode.
  • I have been knitting a gift and I am really happy with the way it is turning out but wondering if I have enough yarn.  It’s the lovely shiny ball of teal/grey that I posted on here just the other day.
  • I am thirsty and tired, it is time to drink some water and get ready for bed.



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