We now have less than a month to go until we fly to the US.  The currency drop has been a little unkind, but we are still very excited – we saved up Aussie dollars, so our budget is in Aussie dollars.  If that buys us a little less US currency, so be it, we are going to have an amazing time.

I’ve done a little research, and I am confident that knitting needles will be okay both on the international flight from Australia and on our domestic flight in the USA.  I have bought some bamboo needles and am not going to take steel ones, though, in case that is an issue.  So now I need to have a couple of projects that can keep me amused for several hours, and not need scissors.  Some flights will allow short, blunt-ended scissors but I’m not certain so don’t really want to risk it.

So with the countdown on, this is where my head is at today.  Ensuring I have enough entertainment for the long hours flying through the air to our wonderful destination!




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