Back to Reality!


We arrived back in Australia on Friday morning, and I am returning to work tomorrow.  None of this makes me feel sad, we have just had a most amazing trip, and I plan to tell you some things about it over the next little while.  But for today, I wanted to let you know that I feel very happy, and ready to be back in reality.  On Saturday we saw my Mum and sister, and today we’re about to head to Dave’s Mum’s to catch up.  Ready to see some more friends too, but that will need to happen over the next few weeks.

So our road trip?  We drove over 4,000 miles (more than 6,600 kilometres) and travelled through 15 states (spending more time in some than others).  It was brilliant and exhausting and everything we hoped it would be.

Here is a picture of me wearing my Chewbacca hat that I bought at Disneyland.




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