Food Diary – the come back!


Everyone at work today commented on how relaxed I look after my holiday.  I’m in agreement, I feel rejuvenated, which means I should use this feeling for positive motivation.  I am as obese as ever (if not a couple of kilos heavier) and this is the right time to start recording what I eat again, and wearing my FitBit.

Today my FitBit has recorded 10,988 steps and 9 floors climbed.  This gave me a chance to have a good big dinner and supper, because I did get home feeling quite hungry.  It’s a good feeling though, knowing that I felt hungry because I ate sensibly and did plenty of walking.  One of my colleagues and I had a meeting where we went for a big long walk while she updated me on the last five weeks while I have been away.

There have been some structural changes at work, and I’m feeling really positive about those as well.  I am part of a new team, reporting into a new manager, but it is a team and manager I have been working with closely for the couple of months before I went on my holiday.  Really great people and some really interesting ideas so far about what we are going to be achieving, and I’m feeling really pleased!

A really good first day back at work, and a food diary I am feeling pretty cheerful about.  Hooray!

Farmers Union – Greek Style Natural Yogurt, 50 grams 67
Coles – Quick Oats, 30 g 115
Goulburn Valley – Apple Puree With Hint of Strawberry, 140 g 91
Instant Coffee – With Low Fat Milk and Artificial Sweetner, 400 mls 33
Go Sushi – Egg Sushi Roll, 110 g (per roll) 149
Sushi Sushi – Salmon Nigiri, 1 pack 403
Afternoon Snack
Gloria Jeans – Skinny Chai Latte, 375 ml 256
Coles Beef – Traditional Meatloaf, 250 g 445
Coles – Australian Mixed Vegetables 888, 165 g 99
You’ll Love Coles – White Bread, 2 slices 144
Devondale – Light Butter 50%, 10 g 36
Evening Snack
Arkadia – Chai Tea Spice, 40 g 168
Coles – Lite Milk, 150 mL 69
Nestle Skinny Cow – Cookies ‘n Cream Low Fat Ice Cream, 94 g 150
Total 2,225 Calories




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