Family Weekend


On Saturday we drove to Grantville (small town about an hour and a half from home) and met up with Mum and others to place my Dad’s ashes in the wall near my Grandpa.  My Dad passed away just over two years ago, and Mum wasn’t ready to let go, as for her to visit Grantville is a four hour drive, but she knew it was the right place for him to be.  He grew up around the area and when he put my Grandpa’s ashes there had said that he liked the cemetery – that was in 2001.  In 2005 my Dad acquired a brain injury and so it may seem strange, but to me it feels like I lost him much longer than two years ago.  So it wasn’t a sad day, as such – but one of some closure.

There to wave him goodbye were also my sister, uncle, aunt, cousins …  it was a family gathering of 11 people and so we went and had some lunch together and it was really nice.  From there, Mum, Dave and I went to see a family friend who lives only five minutes down the road from Grantville and had some afternoon tea as well.  The sun was shining and I really enjoyed my Saturday, which I guess is strange when you consider it began in a cemetery.

This evening we had dinner with Dave’s family to celebrate his Mum’s birthday which is tomorrow.  Again I think it was a gathering of 11 people!  Must be the right number for a table full of gossip.  It has meant that I have reached the end of my weekend feeling quite tired and also quite full of high-calorie food, so we will see what the scale tells me in the morning.  Healthy breakfast will need to be eaten by me tomorrow!



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  1. Those days happen, and yes, you just have to get back to healthier eating habits the next day. Good you’re not beating yourself up over it, since that can lead to giving up.

    Sounds like it was a great day with the family! Glad you enjoyed it!

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