More crochet!


As my Nanna doesn’t know much about the internet, I think I’m safe to put up a Christmas present spoiler here.  I’ve been practising more with crochet, and today I finished a cotton wash cloth for her.  Nanna has very sensitive skin, and this cotton feels quite lovely so I’m hoping she won’t say “it’s too nice to use” and will enjoy washing her face with it.





I hope the contrast of the white edging shows you that the cotton yarn I used is a lovely pale lavender colour.  I just bought one 50 gram ball of this when we were visiting friends on the weekend and I found a little local yarn store in their town.  Of course now I want to buy more, more, more!  I am hoping to make lots of hand made gifts for Christmas this year, and so far things are going pretty well.



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  1. Well, I would certainly enjoy washing my face with it! 🙂
    It’s fun making stuff for others, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the stuff I like to make, like cookies and cakes, don’t last very long. And then they want more…. lol

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