The Calm before the Storm … or, the Binge Eating before the New Years Resolutions?


Sometimes I think it might be far smarter to have an anonymous blog.  I could come in here and tell you that I now weigh more than I did when I started this blog a couple of years ago, and not worry that I have now confessed this to any friends who read.  I could come in here and talk about our terrible diet of take away and my terrible laziness and know that nobody will send me a note on Facebook offering to go for a walk or share a carb-free recipe.

The thing is, I like and trust my friends, and if any of them want to come for a walk with me or share with me, who am I to be in denial?  I know they won’t judge me for being such a lazy fatty – they might worry about my health, though, and this is just as embarrassing.

I’ve always prided myself on living honestly and with authenticity but sometimes it is hard when that means owning up to your faults in public.  So instead I have let my little blog lie dormant as I feed fish and chips into my tummy and sit on the couch.

As cheesy as it is, I am forming some New Years resolution type reboots in my head and I am going to make some plans for good health.  Hopefully with this will come regular updates in here to either let you see how I’m coping, or for others who also struggle with obesity to know that they’re not doing it on their own.

Plus of course once Christmas is behind me I can share my craft projects with you all more regularly, without worrying that someone will see a photo of their gift before they receive it!

Happy Christmas,




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