Desserts and Baking


We have two Christmas lunches on Wednesday, and I am on dessert duty for the second one.  Today I made a cookies and cream cheesecake (if you look back twelve months you will see this is a staple Christmas dessert and I made several last year at this time).  I also made cupcakes, and am all ready to make custard, jelly and other bits for trifle tomorrow (trifle to be assembled once I get there).

My friend made home made jam and gifted it to us in a wee Christmas hamper.  Actually she made many goodies, including chocolate truffles (already eaten), chocolate nougat (already eaten) and beetroot chutney (cannot wait to try this).  The raspberry jam inspired me to make scones for lunch today, so it has definitely been a day of baking and playing in the kitchen.

This is why I’m leaving some of my New Years Resolutions until after Christmas!

image (7)

image (8)


In most aspects of housekeeping I am…  relaxed, to put it politely.  This morning before I even started any of the cooking I needed to clean the kitchen (washing some left over dishes, wiping down benches, I even vacuumed the floor) and then I washed dishes several times throughout the day.  When I have a baking day like this, where I am making multiple things using the same appliances and measuring cups, it encourages me to clean as I go.  I don’t have fancy equipment, I use my Mum’s old Sunbeam mix master and other bits and pieces.  This makes me cheerful – I don’t really covet the shiny red Kitchen Aid appliances on other people’s bench tops.

If you’re interested, the cupcakes are vanilla with brown sugar instead of white to give them a bit of colour.  Then I had leftover white chocolate pieces that I hadn’t melted into the cheesecake, so I threw them in.  The icing is chocolate, full of whipped butter, and then I topped them with coloured balls.  Yes, balls – I don’t know if they have a fancy name.  We taste tested one each after dinner and the cake is a little dense because of the changes I made to the recipe, not as light and fluffy as the original, but I am happy with the experiment.





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