Games, Games, Games – a Crafty Swap


I am part of a group on Ravelry called “Odd Ducks Swaps”.  This is a group that put together Swaps following different themes each month, and allow people to join in.  The Swap that caught my eye this time was Games, Games, Games!  So I signed up “yes please” and then waited to have my Swap partner assigned to me.  When I received my partner’s name I then went to see what was on her “Wish List”, and also everyone in the swap answered lots of questions about their favourite games.

I made some presents for my swap partner (as well as bought some other bits and pieces).  When I posted her parcel I put inside a bag inspired by her favourite game, Settlers of Catan.  I also gave her two “battle helmets” that she and her husband could wear whilst playing Risk, another favourite game.  Then, because she likes Steampunk, I knit her a lace choker that she could wear with her Steampunk outfits.

One of the helmets (the other one was in two shades of purple):

image (15)

Part of the lace choker:


The Settlers of Catan bag:



The bag had on it some sheep buttons (on the other side) and I was really proud of myself for lining it – I even managed to put in a pocket!  So there is some good use of my lovely sewing machine too.  I have just noticed my feet in the bottom of this picture, how odd.

Generally with these swaps you send to one person and receive your gift from a different person, but much to our surprise we were matched up and sent to each other!  She sent me lots of lovely things, but I particularly wanted to show you the handmade gifts.

A Cthulhu dice bag:

image (33)

Wonderful fingerless mitts:

.image (31)

See how well they fit?

image (30)

Another dice bag, this one with Carcassonne Meeples on it:

image (29)

And a handmade project bag made of Carcassonne fabric!  More sewing machine fun!

image (26)


Yes, you can see she sent me yummy treats too and some beautiful yarn.  I love doing these swaps – the last one I did was around August last year and was Doctor Who themed – I finished it and posted while we were on our USA road trip.  I’m hoping to do another one later this year, there is a Jim Henson one and some other themes that I like the look of too!




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