060 – Read 5 books recommended to me by 5 different people – Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein


This is the second of my five books and I am so glad I put this challenge on my list!

Before I start my ‘review’ I want to tell you that I am discovering something new that is wonderful about reading on a Kindle instead of a traditional book.  My friend recommended Code Name Verity some time ago, and I knew nothing about it except something about spies and World War II.  So when I purchased and uploaded it, where I would normally flip over a paperback and read the blurb, this time I just started at the beginning and got straight into the reading.  Hooray for the extra surprises that not reading a blurb can bring to a novel containing secrets and intrigue!



By the time I was halfway through the book my heart had broken several times and I was completely gripped.  As a result, when something significant changed at the halfway point of the book, my heart was uplifted and full of joy.  I’m sad to say that this meant I was quite ready to have my heart broken all over again when the story unfolded some more.  But oh, the joy of that little twist that – if I had read the blurb – maybe wouldn’t have been a twist or a surprise at all!  It certainly wouldn’t have been a surprise if I had read the little Wikipedia plot synopsis, so if you’re planning to read this book, please don’t do that.

The people in this book are written beautifully.  It opens with the sentence “I AM A COWARD”.  It then launches into the written confessions of a captured Scottish special operations agent in occupied France during World War II.  These are the confessions of a female wireless operator, and they start to tell a wonderful story about her friendship with the female pilot who flew her to France under the cover of darkness.

My friend who recommended this book is away on holiday at the moment – we regularly share lunch breaks at work and I now have even more reason to want her back.  I want to discuss this book so much, but if I try to do that here, I will give away important things that I think any reader of this book will enjoy discovering for themselves.




  1. Hey Sandi,

    I was also recommended this book by a friend and it was my choice for our book club to read a few months ago. Personally I loved it, but other people had mixed reviews. Happy to chat!

    🙂 Mon

  2. Great idea for a blog roll: that about reading recommendations. This books sounds great. I’m still conflicted on paper versus kindle. I like highlighting and definition finding on my kindle, but I love smelling and holding books, too.

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