044 – Make and send 10 items to Knit One Give One – fourth and fifth items


I am so excited.  Not just because I am halfway to completing this challenge for my list, but because it includes a pattern that I designed and have just published.  AND this is the 500th post on my blog!

Introducing the Blankie Buddy Bear.

photo 3 (3)

I have seen “lovey” toys for babies before, but never really understood their appeal.  Then I was at my friend’s recently and a small child was left in our care momentarily whilst her mother (another friend) was out of the house.  This small girl, about three or four years old, was toting one of these around, and she found it both a comfort – like a blankie – and also it had a name and “voice”, as it was her favourite toy.  With her “Buddy Bear” she felt safe and calm, even though she didn’t know us very well.

I had a look around online and there are plenty of patterns available for these, but my brain sparkled and I wanted to make a “Buddy Bear” similar to the one I had seen, but not on a granny square like most of the patterns I see.  And so I designed my own toy, on a more solid square, ready for donation to Knit One Give One.  Once I made a second one, I felt that my instructions I was writing down were clear enough for others to follow and so I have published it on Ravelry for sale!

Blankie Buddy Bear link

photo 2 (6) photo 1 (6)


I like the square I have made, as it is mostly solid crochet, but has enough little features to keep it fun to make and also hopefully fun to play with.  The face was simple to stitch, and I think pretty  cute.

I know that “Knit One Give One” isn’t called Crochet One Give One, but I know they accept both knit and crochet items.  I hope these go to children who find comfort and enjoyment.



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