Carrot or Stick? … and Honeycomb


I could find a big stick and try to beat myself up when I am not achieving the things that I would like to.  Or, I could find myself a carrot, right?  I know the carrot and stick analogy is used at work ALL THE TIME when we’re trying to get people motivated to do what needs to be done.

Each week I think “I should stop driving into work and catch the train” and each week I get up in the morning, hop into my convenient little car and hit the road.  What is the punishment, or the “stick” that I could use to stop this happening?  Well, I could sell my car, I guess, but that is pretty extreme.  I could get Dave to take things away from me like a child, but that would just lead to me becoming grumpy with him even though I directed my own downfall.

So … the carrot.  I sat down today and thought about it, and I would actually save just over $100 each fortnight in parking costs alone, if I were to leave my car at home.  I guess a $100 loss each fortnight is a bit of a stick, but I confess I’ve been ignoring it as it goes straight on my credit card – the bruises it leaves obviously haven’t been pronounced enough (yet).  What I thought about, though, was – what if I could reward myself with something on a regular basis, if I were to catch the train to work and keep catching the train?  A continuous carrot dangling on a string?

Then I found this website.

This offers a subscription that would result in me receiving lovely yarns in the post every couple of months, a surprise present!  I had a look back at the kinds of “knit crates” that people get and it made me very excited.  I have been wanting to get properly started on a Beekeepers Quilt for a long time.  My first purchase on this site is going to be the starter pack for the Beekeeper’s Quilt and so first I have to catch the train for a fortnight and save myself that parking money!

I have borrowed this image from another blog, to show you what the Beekeeper’s Quilt is.


Hundreds of little honeycomb shaped “hexipuffs” made of all different yarns (sock yarn/4 ply weight) and stitched together to look most effective and be most deliciously warm.  Yes, that’s right – hundreds.  What better place to knit all these hexipuffs than on the train each morning and afternoon, and what better way to ensure each puff is cute and unique than to subscribe to receive different mini-skeins of sock yarn in the post every two months?

This will still cost me less than parking my car in the city every day.  Why haven’t I thought of this before?  Item 31 is going to be ticked off my list in no time!

The Beekeeper’s Quilt, by Tiny Owl Knits (the original designer)




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