Rising to the challenge?


It was tough keeping my calories down this weekend, but I think I did an okay job.

Food Diaries


  • White bread toasted with light butter and Vegemite
  • Nescafe Dulce Gusto coffee (double shot) with light milk
  • McDonalds Filet o Fish and medium fries
  • Cup of tea with skim milk
  • KFC Zinger burger
  • Nescafe vanilla latte

Total: 1,517 calories


  • Multigrain toast with peanut butter
  • Nescafe vanilla latte
  • Cup of tea with skim milk
  • Party food:  a couple of sandwich quarters (egg lettuce, ham tomato), a party pie, a mini quiche, 2 cups of tea, fruit salad, 3 lolly snakes, 1 milky way chocolate
  • Chicken spinach risotto Lean Cuisine, steamed veges
  • Chai latte

Total: 1,792 calories


  • Nescafe Dulce Gusto coffee (double shot) with light milk
  • Porridge with diced peaches/pineapple
  • Baked beans with white toast and light butter
  • Chai latte
  • Pork casserole with white bread and light butter

Total: 1,724 calories

The pork casserole I made today was tasty, but the gravy didn’t really thicken which is a pain.  I never seem to get the right ratio of liquid in casseroles, I think I should probably have only used about half of the stock and put the rest in the freezer for next time.  Oh well!  I have made enough to feed us tomorrow night as well, so having some left overs and not having to cook after work just re-heat will be good.  In the casserole is diced pork, onion, carrot, potato, zucchini, mushroom, chicken stock – lots of yummy things!

I guess I’m saving the best news until last though.  I know that I have lots of weight to lose, blah blah blah – but I want to CELEBRATE a small victory.  This morning when I stood on the scale, I was 2.7 kilograms lighter than when I stood on the scale last Tuesday morning.  Keeping a food diary for a whole week has kept me thoughtful about what I ate, even on a weekend of party food and take away.  And this is making me feel very happy.




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