So many UFOs!


UFOs – Un-Finished Objects.  They are everywhere in my house, and I posted this to Facebook last night, into my Crafting Group:

“How many projects can I start and never finish before I am considered certifiably stupid?”

My friend responded:  “how about we do a challenge….. find a wip and finish it ?”

Of course this appealed to me.  But of course I haven’t started doing the actual finishing just yet, as I thought it would be fun to gather up lots of them and tidy some stuff away in the process.  Some of these are so close to finishing it is just silly!  Also, see how many of these there are?  This doesn’t cover everything and also doesn’t cover everything I have started and frogged over the years – I think I really am certifiable!

photo 2 (15)

This baby cardigan just needs buttons.  Yes, that is all.  Why have I continued to put this off?

photo 2 (18)

Chimpanzee toy just needs a completed face, and the banana attached to his hand.  I put this aside long ago when I couldn’t decide how to do the face, and he doesn’t have a planned home to go to, so I never felt hurried to complete him.

photo 2 (19)

This is a Doctor Who Scarf for Dave.  Lots left to go, but this is on my list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days so I will get into it again some time!

photo 1 (17)

A weird teapot toy that just needs final assembly of the mouse creature (the black coming out of the teapot is her french maid dress).  I was inspired when I started this and then it just seemed very odd so I never finished.  Again, this has no home planned.

photo 4 (7)

I can’t remember what these little granny squares were going to be, and am considering just trashing them.

photo 3 (9)


I found this – it wasn’t even attached to a ball of yarn any more and I have no idea what it was going to be.  I pulled it out immediately.  One less to bother with!

photo 3 (8)

This kitty just needs ears knitted and then assembly.

photo 4 (4)

Another unfinished baby cardigan, this one has a hood – I just need to pick up and knit the sleeves.  I put it off because it involves double pointed needles and knitting in the round.

photo 3 (10) photo 4 (6)

These are a heap of squares that long ago were going to become a blanket, but I fell out of love with them.  I notice they’re close to the size required by a charity group who collect squares to make blankets.  I’m going to send them along to these guys I think.  Link:  KasCare

photo 5 (5)

This looks pretty cool, doesn’t it.  The trouble is, I can’t remember what it was going to be – so – time to frog it!

photo 5 (4)

A shawl without a home.  This one will continue to sit aside waiting for inspiration to hit me again.  When I started it I really liked it, but now I am not sure.

photo 3 (11)

Look at this poor naked dolly.  She’s pretty big – 56cm from the top of her head to the tips of her HUGE feet.  I have no idea what the pattern was, it looks like I used doubled yarn, so I am going to have to improvise an outfit for her to make her decent before I find her a home.

photo 1 (20)


This is a round baby blanket I poured many hours into and then lost interest when it got bigger and bigger and bigger, and each round took over an hour to complete.  I really need to make a plan for finishing it, as the intended recipient will be one year old soon!

photo 5 (3)


This is an unfinished blanket strip for KOGO (Knit One Give One) that I need to finish.

photo 2 (17)

This is a pile of different size blanket strips that I made long long ago.  They were fun to knit but then when I started trying to assemble them into something that made sense I didn’t like it.  I think I’ll send them of to KOGO and hopefully they will find a use for them.

photo 3 (7)

An unfinished beanie that I wasn’t enjoying knitting.  Teetering on the edge of calling this one a fail and pulling it out.

photo 1 (18)

This is about my fifth attempt at a beanie for my friend – this one is being frogged along with the rest.  I will make her a beanie, I will, she asked so long ago for one!

photo 4 (3) photo 5 (2)

Long term project, hexigons that will eventually be a blanket.  You can see how much yarn is left – so far I’ve made 29 hexagons and I think I’ll be able to make 10 more?  I hoped to crochet them together using the cream yarn but am not sure if I will have enough.  They can get joined with a slightly different yarn I’m sure.

photo 4 (5)

This is going to be a set of three Christmas ornaments for my Mum.  One complete, one flat and waiting to be finished, one to be started.  But hey, I found the wool needle I thought was missing, still attached to this unfinished little owl!

photo 2 (16)

I think this unfinished clown has been sitting in a box for at least six years, in this state.  I need to find up the pattern and finish this and find a home for it.  I’ve done too much to not at least try!

photo 1 (19)

On my list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days is “Finish my Sacred Heart Blanket project and raffle as planned”.  These 12 squares were the start of it.  I’m not loving them as much as I want to.  I think I am going to crochet them together as a baby blanket for KOGO instead, which means I need to change my goal list.

photo 1 (16)

This is a toddler beanie that needs to be finished for KOGO.

Wow, so many pictures.  There is also my paisley blanket that I have lost momentum on and … I confess I started using the yarn for that for another different crochet blanket.  Also I started a ripple blanket for practice.  And a little toy for a friend.  And …  WHEN WILL IT STOP?

In the meanwhile I am going to start finishing some of these.  Even though I want to start something new.  Wish me luck and motivation!




  1. Starting a project is always so much more fun than finishing. I usually stop at the blocking and end weaving stage. Many unfinished projects… I love that little blonde doll and the clown. You need to finish those! 🙂

  2. I had a cross stitch in a cupboard that had been waiting 7 years to be finished, that just needed back stitching, which is my FAVOURITE part of cross stitch. I’m happy that at the moment, I’ve only got 3 projects on the go with crocheting, but there are heaps waiting to be started. And tonight, rather than work on any of them, I’m starting a skirt for myself. Insanity!

  3. It took me over *two years* to finish my son’s simple checkerboard afghan. Two years!

    My UFOs don’t exist because, if I’m in the middle of a huge project, I feel too guilty to make other things. The story of my life.

    I love the idea of donating your blanket squares to a charity!


  4. Back when I had a working oven and baked all the time, the most enjoyable part was baking and trying something new. So I get your desire to start another project. And it always helps when you’re making it with a particular person in mind.
    Start with the simple things… it’ll give you confidence in finishing the others. And donating your squares is a great idea! 🙂

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