101 things in 1,001 days – tweak, refresh


1,001 days is a very long time.  I wrote my “101 things” list and published it on April 14th, 2014 and the ‘deadline’ of 1,001 days will not be up until January 8th, 2017.  I think it is okay to review my list seven months in, and tweak and refresh it a little.  I won’t claim that I have achieved as much as I thought I would after this time.  But I am also comfortable that I will achieve more things before the 1,001 days is complete – some of these will be on the list, many of them will not.

Today I’m updating the list and scrubbing some things out, adding new things in.  Some of the reasons behind this are here, if you’re interested.


010 Go on the Spirit of Tasmania Being Adventurous


010 Save up and go to GenCon Indy 2016 Being Adventurous

Basically the reason I am removing this is that it is expensive and will mean that we won’t find it as easy to reach a bigger goal we have started talking about, which is to go to GenCon Indy in 2016.  I’d like to change this goal to aim towards that instead!  It helps that we’re back to being a double income household at the moment so the USA goal looks possible and exciting.


017 Design and build Warmachine demo tabletop for PAX Australia Being Crafty


017 Add 10 new painted miniatures to http://sandipaints.wordpress.com before PAX 2015 Being Crafty

Dave designed and built a demo tabletop for PAX and it looked fantastic. Our friend Ben also designed and built one, and together these were an absolute hit. Instead I enjoyed the Paint & Take area so much this year that I am going to help with that again. With the idea that it will help beginner painters, I started a blog purely about painting miniatures, after PAX and would like to keep this going throughout this year. So my goal is changing accordingly!


021 Design and Crochet my flower/paisley/circle blanketWIP#1 WIP#2 Being Crafty
022 Publish my flower/paisley/circle blanket as a pattern Being Crafty


021 Knit or crochet an adult-size blanket Being Crafty
022 Publish three new knitting or crochet patterns of my own Being Crafty

I confess I was enjoying this but then lost interest, and I’m not sure I will go back to it.  I thought that perhaps I would make this one a bit more open for now and see how I go.  With publishing some new patterns, these can be something small and free, they don’t need to be huge and ambitious and cost anything.  The “blankie bear buddy” pattern I published a while back has only been purchased by one person so I have amended that to be free.


045 Finish my Sacred Heart Blanket project and raffle as planned Being Helpful; Being Crafty


045 Donate the blanket squares originally designed for Sacred Heart Blanket to http://www.knit-a-square.com/ Being Helpful; Being Crafty

I made a decision a while ago to donate these squares to a charity group, so my new goal will be to complete that promise.


009 Enrol in and complete a free online course to learn something that would never have occurred to me Being Adventurous
068 Enrol in and complete a free online course to increase my personal wellbeing Being Mindful
093 Enrol in and complete a free online course that will help me with a career goal Being Productive


009 Learn something new that would never have occurred to me Being Adventurous
068 Learn something new to increase my personal wellbeing Being Mindful
093 Learn something new that will help me with a career goal Being Productive

I have been researching free online courses and even started a couple and I found them to be quite pointless.  I do want to learn some new things, but I might have to expand my horizons a little further and so I am tweaking these a little, and will have a think about what success looks like with these particular goals.  Of course it may look like a completed course of some description, but it also might be self-driven learning, which leaves me to determine when I’ve learnt something new or not!

I hope you don’t think I’m ‘cheating’ by tweaking these goals.  I am doing so thoughtfully, and hopefully not with the purpose of making my list less meaningful.  I’ll let you know how it all goes.



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