A prologue?


I have actually started writing something, which is a bit exciting.  I described my ‘outline’ to a couple of people in a very scrappy fashion and there seems to be a positive reaction so I sat down today and actually captured the idea.  Then I started a draft of what could be my prologue.  I won’t share heaps of what I write here because I do believe first drafts should be allowed to be rubbish, but I decided to put this out there just for fun.  Just because I started something and that is enough to help me feel good, whether it is polished or rough.  Rough is okay right now, in fact rough is fabulous.



“Don’t be afraid of the dark, Kyr,” she whispered. “Anything you cannot see properly, also cannot see you. The monsters in the shadows can be hidden from.”

Kyr stepped from shadow to shadow, as her voice followed him. “Be silent, be stealthy, be hidden.”

This was one of his earliest memories, the first strange game she taught him. While Maz next door was chasing his sisters in the sunlight and being shown where to find the tastiest vegetables in the garden, Laria was teaching Kyr how to hide and stay hidden.

“Your mother is quite paranoid,” Maz pointed out to Kyr one day, as they sat looking over old Garret’s field. They were twelve, and Kyr had just been explaining the latest game she had shown him. From where they sat, perched on a rusted old mining ship, Maz could only see the small slight bumps dotted across the field once Kyr pointed them out. The night before, Laria had taken him out and explained that she had buried 50 small devices. Under cover of darkness, he was to find these – but not step on them. It hadn’t taken long before he did so, and an alarm rang out, waking old Garret and causing them to run. Kyr and Laria were good at staying hidden, but it was difficult when holding their stomachs and trying not to laugh. He’d given her a scolding when they were safe at home, for making the alarm so loud.

“I nearly wet my pants, you could have warned me!”

Laria’s games were always played under cover of darkness and full of surprises. Kyr and Maz now studied the field intently, to try to understand if there was a pattern.

“When did she find the time to bury them?” Maz asked. “What happens if someone else walks across that field today?”

Kyr had already asked her that, and Laria had assured him the devices were able to be switched off. There wasn’t much point creating something so elaborate if they could only play it once, she reasoned. Kyr had promised not to dig any up during the day or go too close to the field – and he was reluctant to anyway, in case it raised the attention of old Garret. He hadn’t promised not to study the field in other ways, however, and so here they sat.

“The bumps are kind of clear once you know what you’re looking for,” Maz said as he squinted down across the rippling grass. “Are you sure there are exactly 50?”

Kyr wasn’t so sure, Laria did like to keep something up her sleeve. He sat quietly, carefully thinking about those randomly placed bumps, and trying to determine how he would find them in the dark.



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