A boring post about calories and activity


Sorry this is going to be a bit of a boring one, but I’m back to looking at my weight and posting about it here will keep me honest.  I’ve been using My Fitness Pal (app and website) to track my food diary, and wearing my FitBit, and this is what the first five days of January 2015 looked like:

Calories Consumed Calories “Burnt” “Net” Calories Steps Walked “Active” Minutes
1st-Jan 1870 337 1533 6997 31
2nd-Jan 1797 669 1128 10815 63
3rd-Jan 1693 1 1692 4218 3
4th-Jan 1750 304 1446 7109 36
5th-Jan 1943 473 1470 8634 43

As you can see, Saturday the heat got to me and I didn’t move around much at all !! The only reason I recorded over 4,000 steps is that we went to the shops to enjoy some air conditioning for a while.  But as I didn’t over-eat that day my “Net” Calories were just under 1,700 which is my goal.  Today my FitBit is showing 6,508 steps so far, but my morning was spent strolling around, not walking briskly.  I spent the morning at the Collingwood Children’s Farm with my friends and their two little boys, and it was really fun.  Watching small children pat sheep is apparently quite entertaining – there were also goats, and I do love goats.

I got there a little early on purpose and had a delicious poached egg breakfast, too, which is how I got such a good “photo of the day” today.  Breakfast (and a photo) at home would not have been nearly as glamorous!



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