Another blanket almost finished!


I am quite astonished, but this week it seems that all I want to do is crochet, and so on Tuesday I started another little blanket and I am actually now up to the border already!  I am making it up as I go, which means I could be one and a half rounds away from finishing or thirteen and a half rounds away from finishing, it just depends on when I look at it and say:  “Yes, that’s done now, jolly good.”


I am hoping to spend less on yarn over the coming months, and try to do more work from stash, so this little project has me feeling quite cheerful.  Some of the yarn was purchased early in December, but some was purchased so long ago I cannot remember exactly when.  Hooray!

You’ll likely see a picture of the finished object sometime over the coming days, another one for the KOGO (knit one give one) basket.




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