This is the face …


It might scare you a little, but this is the pink blushing face of someone who did some deliberate exercise after many, many months of laziness.

It might scare you a little, but this is the silly smile of someone who is feeling motivated and determined to grow some willpower.

It might scare you a little, but these are the buggy crossed shiny eyes of someone who is pleased with herself for eating well today.


Food Diary

Breakfast:  Apple puree porridge with a pinch of cinnamon, and a huge cup of coffee with skim milk, 278 calories.

Lunch: A big chicken salad with balsamic dressing, 469 calories.

Dinner:  Lean Cuisine Beef Satay with rice, and a cup of tea with skim milk, 436 calories.

Snacks:  A skinny latte and a yogurt (Vaalia low fat mandarin flavour), 229 calories.

Total:  1,412 calories.

Exercise Diary

A short cardio workout this evening plus walking to and from train today during my commute, and other incidental steps = 9,401 steps on my FitBit.

How am I feeling?

I have some energy left, which is nice, but I’m feeling a bit scared of my own lack of fitness and lack of willpower. I hope I can keep up this little burst of motivation and use it to break some habits and form some habits over the next few weeks!  Once I get going it should be easier to keep going.  I’m slightly bummed I didn’t hit 10,000 steps but it is getting late and my FitBit needs to be charged so I am calling today successful and choosing not to be ridiculous about it.

Although it is fun to be ridiculous sometimes.




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