One full week


I am feeling good because I stuck with my plans for one full week.  I paid attention to what I ate every day, even when I wasn’t blogging it here.  I didn’t exercise every day but I stayed mindful of how much activity (or how little) and thought about ways to do better this week.  I made plans, and I stuck to them as best I could and I am really happy that I didn’t cave to my wishes to over-eat, find chocolate, all those habits which are still in me.

I didn’t post my food diary in here every day, but I did keep track.  My week looked like this:

  • Tuesday 1,412 calories
  • Wednesday 1,597 calories
  • Thursday 1,665 calories
  • Friday 1,712 calories
  • Saturday 1,878 calories
  • Sunday 1,670 calories
  • Monday (currently on track for 1,760 calories)

With a ‘goal’ of 1,800 calories per day I am really happy with this and I am seeing results on the scale.  I know, the scale should not be the only indication but when you weigh as much as I do, the scale tells a pretty clear story.  My story so far is that last Monday I weighed myself, and I think the scale was remembering some poor meals I had over that weekend because yesterday when I weighed myself again I was already 3.6 kilograms (almost 8 pounds) less.

That’s motivating.  There is still a very long way to go, but that’s very motivating.



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