006 – Spend the day at the Melbourne Museum


Spend the day at the museum?  Or a couple of hours, anyway.  Today I had some fun things to do – first, going to see a debate at work.  I know, I know, I’m on annual leave, but one of my close team mates was in the debate and it was more of a social thing .  Then I walked over the Bourke Street footbridge, jumped on a tram, and went to the Melbourne Museum.


In short:

  1. Wearing earphones and listening to music as I wandered helped me navigate school groups of screeching children.
  2. Next time I should expect Museum cafe food to taste like Museum cafe food, and eat before or after my visit (or pack lunch).
  3. No matter what my age, dinosaur bones are exciting – but it was the unexpected that excited me – the bugs!

That’s right, the bugs.  I haven’t properly visited the Melbourne Museum since I was a small child and it was in an older building in the city, which is now the State Library.  I’m sure they had these collections then, I kind of remember beetles, but the way they are displayed in this new museum is just fascinating.  I know, I know, so many tiny dead little butterflies of such beauty, and it is sad but … wow.  Just beautiful.  Spirals of beetles from the very tiny to some so large I cannot imagine coming across one in the wild and not having a little freak out.  They have tarantula specimens both deceased and alive – ones that have been found and quarantined when people smuggled them into Australia to try to keep or sell them as pets.  They certainly are furry little things, but I’m not tempted to pet and hold and name them.

I also really enjoyed a display of artwork by an indigenous mother and daughter, Marlene and Deanne Gilson.  Here is a link to a piece as an example.

Mount Warrenheip and Eureka Stockade by Marlene Gilson

Then I was blown away by an exhibition called “Top Design” which was a huge display of all the best works produced by senior high school students last year in subjects like media, design and technology, visual communication, etc.  I thought back to what I was producing at school when I was 17 and looked through these portfolios of beautiful product design, fashion design, architecture … I slunk out of there feeling quite sheepish about my lack of dedication and talent, haha!

Really – in terms of studying the museum properly I really was skim-reading.  There were so many school groups about of all ages, and please don’t think I dislike children.  I am certainly not used to being suddenly surrounded by groups of 30+ at any moment, as I am pondering something in a glass cabinet or staring up at a large number of taxidermied creatures.  (Seriously, so much taxidermy in museums).  I enjoyed my afternoon at the museum and will definitely pop back there.



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  1. I love going back to areas I visited as a kid, and looking at it through adult eyes. It’s so much more appreciated! I can’t wait to go back to Greece, where I spent my middle school years, and see all the things I didn’t appreciate way back then.

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