So much to catch up on …


I feel like this blog is an old friend I haven’t caught up with for a long time, and I need to tell all of my news and gossip at once, but am not sure where to start.  Part of me feels like not much has happened, another part of me has several stories to tell!  Perhaps I will start with some list items.

057 – Read the 5 Parasol Protectorate novels by Gail Carriger

Once I started reading these (I wrote a blog entry as a book review for the first novel in the series) it was very easy to keep going.  The characters were great fun, and evolved with each book just enough, and the pace of the stories kept me sucked right in.  It was very satisfying and at the end of the fifth book I was quite content and full, if that makes sense.  Some series are just not sustainable, this one was a perfect length, it didn’t get stale or “jump the shark”, and I didn’t feel like there were five more stories untold.

100 – Eat dinner at the table with Dave minimum 4 nights a week for 4 weeks (no couch, no TV)

Some habits are challenging to form (ie, look at all my food diary/exercise list items that I have started several times but never completed).  This one, however, was a pleasure.  Particularly as it has been summer, we have eaten at the table for almost every meal at home since the beginning of the year!  We have broken some poor TV habits and it has been great to sit and talk or just hang – face to face, instead of side by side on the couch.  Winter might challenge this habit (we would need to eat at the cold end of the house and then rush down to sit by the heater) but I think we will keep it up mostly.

There have possibly been another one or two list items that I have completed some part of (ie, I went on two picnics in February) but this is all I really need to report on, in terms of completed items.  I’m certainly not going to get to 101 items by January 2017 but it is interesting to see the kinds of things I will complete and the kinds I will always procrastinate … sigh!

The other things I would like to tell you about?  I think they might deserve their own blog posts, and I feel motivated to do some cleaning around the house today.  This is unusual and I should embrace it rather than sit here on my bottom typing.  Do forgive me for telling you I had so much to tell you and then closing out with only a little bit of news.  But bite-sized pieces are good for blogs, right?

Next time I will write sooner.



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