101 things in 1,001 days – what’s happening?


It was fun writing such a long list of goals, and it was fun accomplishing some of them.  I could certainly look at accomplishing some more in the next six months before I close it down, but I feel I would be just paying lip service.  What the list has taught me is that it is very easy to procrastinate when you give yourself a huge pile of things to achieve and a very long deadline.  No I didn’t break it up into bite-size chunks, and so here we are.  101 goals, with not even a quarter crossed out.

What I am going to do is close the list down now, call it an experiment and accept that not all experiments are successful based on their original intent.  I don’t think this has been a waste, though.  It has made me think about the things I like to do, the things I clearly don’t like to do (ahem, housework, exercise) and about setting myself some shorter term goals here and there.  There is no need to worry about it all too much.

Do you know I was anxious enough about my lack of progress that I looked at running away from this blog altogether and starting a new one anonymously?  I still wanted to keep a blog, I still wanted to achieve some things, but was going to hide from the list in shame.

That’s dumb.  It was a momentary whim anyway.  An extrovert with tendencies to show off does find it difficult to be “anonymous” you know.  I don’t crave fame, but I don’t want to have to double-check my secret identity, either.  When I do good things I like to claim credit for them, and a little acknowledgement here and there gives me a boost.

A crafty update now, to swing the topic around and give you some pretties to look at.  Remember two years ago (if you were reading then) I got excited about and made nearly 50 hexipuffs?  They are a little squishy knitted hexagon, made from scraps of sock yarn, and the idea is to make hundreds of them and eventually sew them together into a big, warm quilt.  The pattern is The Beekeeper’s Quilt by Tiny Owl knits.  Well, this month I decided it was time to make some more, and so far I have added a further 17 puffs to my big glass jar, bringing me to 65 in total.  Here’s a little gallery of the hexipuffs made so far in July 2016 and a look into the top of the jar.  So much squishy!



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