Book review: Elizabeth is missing, by Emma Healey


I picked this up as an impulse purchase one day from a local shop, what a wonderful find. The blurb on the back reads:

Without giving anything further away about the plot, it was so fascinating to get to know a character telling a story from the perspective of a worsening memory over time. Maud’s dementia progresses as the novel does, and this was written so astonishingly well that although I understood what was happening to her, I also felt her confusion, her frustration, her sadness, as the story moved on through the jumbled present and her past memories.

The characters around Maud, even when she cannot remember quite who they are, were strong and clear to me. In the present and in the past I felt I was slowly unpeeling who they were and what was happening and what had happened. This was a refreshing book, a mystery from a completely different perspective, and I rate it 4 stars.



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