Me and my Blog


My name is Sandi, and I live in a suburb of Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) with Dave and our cats, Mr Biscuit and Pudding.

I started writing this blog in August 2011 and at the time I promised to document my progress with my Self Improvement projects.  If you’ve been following along for a while, you will see that I am a person who starts many projects with good intentions.  Along the way I struggle with self-discipline and willpower and so this is probably a bit frustrating for everyone.  This does mean I have plenty to write about, in my many attempts to improve in areas such as my health, fitness, home organisation, hobbies, career, budgeting …  This is a long list!

I am a cheerfully flawed person, so feel free to pop by regularly to see how I am going, or follow my blog.  Or, if this is the one and only time you visit, I hope I have added something to your day.




  1. Hi Sandi,

    Yay! I love finding other bloggers doing self-improvement projects! Mine is going to start January 1st, 2012. I have my plan, I have my blog and soon I hope to have a community of support through wordpress! It is inspiring to see someone getting discipline through the use of a blog, which I will also need. Cheers to you!
    Check my plan out if you want, maybe give me a virtual kick in the rear if it sounds like I need one. :p

    Ps – Mr. Biscuit…hehehehe, awesome.

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