Yarny Photo Challenge – I’m lazy!


It turns out I don’t have the discipline to stick with a photo challenge just now. It’s not a big deal and it has at least made me realise I’d like to keep my blog going and share some bits and pieces of craft as I make them.

I have been crafting very simply recently – crochet squares and hopefully working towards a blanket I can donate to KOGO (knit one give one). I also have study to catch up on (a creative art subject) and plenty to keep me occupied at work. So the photo challenge? Not my priority and not worth feeling too guilty about.

I  trying to get myself back into some good habits and it will take some setbacks before I get there. I’m attempting to use a pen and paper ‘bullet journal’ to help me. Let’s see how that goes!


Adventures in Food Diary writing


It’s certainly interesting identifying the ingredients of a salad and guessing portions, and then trying to find those foods in a database like MyFitnessPal!

Yesterday I had a tuna Niçoise salad, and today appears to be beetroot, sweet potato, barley and a number of other things. Goats cheese I think, yum! Let’s see what it all adds up to, shall we?


Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow


Yesterday we were on canteen duty at our gaming club which meant hot dogs and chocolates and the like.  We also went out for drinks for my dearest friend’s birthday and I had a couple of pints of cider plus a burger and onion rings.  Was this a “slip” in my determination to get healthy?  No, I am calling it a free day and refusing to let it worry me.

During the week, I kept my food diary and also made sure to get plenty of steps.  This included going into a GYM.  That’s right!  The gym next door to one of the offices I work in gave me a “free 7-day trial” pass and I went in and used the treadmill after work on Tuesday and Friday.  It has been a long time since I walked on a treadmill, and the first time I got that weird sea legs feeling afterwards.  Not exactly sea legs, but … when you walk, the world is going at the wrong pace.  I think that will make sense to anyone who remembers getting off a treadmill for the first time (or the first time in ages).

The result of this is that I’ve realised that on two cold, miserable, wet days when I normally wouldn’t have gone for a walk at all, I have managed to get in some exercise.  I’m going to ‘bite the bullet’ and sign up for a gym membership this Tuesday.  The same chain of gyms are in enough places nearby to where I work and live that I think I will be going two to three times a week without having any excuses of “oh but it is far away”.  It is not!

Tomorrow I will weigh myself and see how things have been going, even with that delicious burger in my tummy!

Here is a funny update for you in the way my brain works, even after just two weeks of thinking about weight loss.  I am sitting here on the couch with my laptop typing this blog post, and one of our cats comes along.  He cries for cuddles and then when I don’t respond straight away and he sees my lap is occupied, he crawls straight up onto my ample chest and curls up with his head on my shoulder for a snooze.  My first thought?

“Enjoy it while it lasts, Pudding, because after I lose all this weight, you won’t have such a big cushion to sleep on!”



A post about weight loss!


I am so happy to be writing a post about weight loss that isn’t just theoretical.  I have a confession to make, which is this.  After our cruise, after we got home, my home scales refused to register my weight any more.  This is a pair of scales which goes up to a VERY LARGE weight, not your standard scales which get angry if you tip 100kg (as that tipping point happened to me almost 20 years ago).

Everyone said that on a cruise, we would eat and eat and I thought “yes, whatever, we will also be walking and looking at things and it all balances out”.  Oh, the naivety.  Every day we had buffet breakfast which for me included croissants, cinnamon buns, waffles with syrup plus berry compote plus yoghurt, etc.  Sugar city!  But I told myself “I’m not also having eggs and bacon and hash browns, so it’s not so bad”.  Lunch every day was a variety of buffet options.  Dinner every night was a full three course meal, and that wasn’t my only dessert for the day.

You see where I’m going with this?  Well, don’t worry, because where I’m going is this:

Today is Saturday, and since Monday I have been making conscious choices about what to put in my face and paying attention to how many steps I am walking.  I haven’t hit every goal, but last night I went out for dinner with friends and I even tried to make better choices than I normally would.  A small steak, vegetables on the side not fries/chips, minimum of sauces and oils and just one glass of wine.

The result is that MY SCALES AND I ARE FRIENDS AGAIN!  Not only is it acknowledging me (instead of giving me the humiliating ERR message or showing 0.0kg) I am a couple of kilograms below the maximum it can deal with.  I may have been 2 kilograms over the maximum or just 100 grams, I will never know.  What I do know is that I want to keep seeing that number go down now, and I’m motivated to make an effort, which, after almost a week of looking after my health, is very nice indeed.

Day / Date Calories (myfitnesspal) Steps (fitbit)
Monday 11 July 1,503 9,485
Tuesday 12 July 1,744 6,217
Wednesday 13 July 1,926 5,704
Thursday 14 July 1,858 7,854
Friday 15 July 2,024 8,720

What I would like to achieve next week is at least one step count over 10,000 and every step count over 7,000.  That is my hope!  Guess what else?  I am going to go to a gym on Tuesday and take up the offer of a free 7-day pass and use their treadmills and have a look around and see if I would like to join up for a while.  I think it can only do me good.


Book Review: Fat Chance by Nick Spalding



I will start this book review with a reminder that I am obese, and I have also watched my share of the Biggest Loser in my time.  So picking up a book which promised to be ‘a laugh-out-loud look at the way we live now’ and was about an obese couple entering a six-month long radio weight loss competition, I prepared myself to relate to the characters.

The book is written from both perspectives – Zoe and Greg – through diary entries as they go through the six months of the competition.  It comes with funny stories from their past along with stories about the things they try as they go through the competition, and comments about how they feel as they lose weight and progress.

Unfortunately although it was fun and amusing, it didn’t give me too many loud laughs, as it was all a little bit shallow, and a little bit “heard it before”.  Zoe of course, being the woman, tries all the fad diets, and how the cabbage soup diet makes her fart terribly.  Greg is a man, so of course he tries all of the exercise options including learning that buying machines marketed on late night shopping networks don’t deliver all that they promise.  The material is all a little too familiar, and it is frustrating to read a novel where even when sharing a goal and living together, women and men can’t plan and do anything together, because Mars and Venus, am I right?  I mean, look at the cover – the separate scales suggest Greg is in this for the money, but Zoe wants to be loved.

I’m not saying this is a bad book, I read it quickly and did enjoy myself.  The reason this kind of material feels familiar is because I guess it works, and does provide some entertainment.  I’m not throwing the book across the room in disgust, despite my criticism!

Although … when I sat down and converted Zoe’s starting weight (from the UK 14 stone, 7 pounds) to something familiar to me and realised she was 92 kilograms at her heaviest …  I confess I struggled with that.  Not because many women out there, at 92 kilograms, are not unhappy with their weight and struggling to find clothes that fit.  I think the issue here is mine, as a very tall, morbidly obese woman – when authors keep writing about ‘fat’ women and then listing weights which look more like my goal weight … that does make it difficult for me to really relate to Bridget Jones, and now Zoe Miltons, of this world.

This book gets three stars from me.


July 2016 – what now?


All kinds of thoughts have kept me away from this blog for some months, and also all kinds of fun things.  I feel embarrassed that I keep writing in here about how I am GOING TO eat better, exercise more, improve my health – and I never do.  The purpose of writing to keep me honest is one thing, but sometimes writing means I do so much plotting and planning, and not enough doing.

I’m trying to do better.  I currently tip the scales at the heaviest I have ever been, and that’s something I need to do something about or I will not live a long enough life.

This isn’t an entry about a sad life, however.  We have recently returned from a lovely holiday – we flew all the way to Washington state in USA and played nerdy games with lots of people.  We then hopped on board a huge cruise ship to Alaska and back.  All pretty mind-blowing stuff, and really worthy of a blog post.

My career isn’t everything I’d like it to be, and so I am going to try some study again.  I’m looking at enrolling in a couple of subjects in August towards a degree – which, if I do it, will take a few years to complete.  So that’s something to plan for and look forward to.

Also I’m biting the bullet and giving another healthy plan a go.  Yesterday we had family lunch for Dave’s birthday which included huge amounts of food and then cheesecake (I baked, but forgot to take a picture of it to share with you).  We were so full from lunch that we skipped dinner and went straight to the left over cheesecake for dessert last night.  Not exactly good nutrition!  This morning my day has started with oatmeal porridge with berries in it, and I am feeling motivated to eat well.

Self-discipline to keep it up is my next wish.

To finish my post, here are some photos – first is of me knitting on our cruise with yarn I bought in Alaska, followed by the finished object (so warm and yummy, I have been wearing constantly since we got back home to Melbourne winter).  The other photos are a black bear cub (not a teeny cub, he or she is about five months old) we saw in the wild!