Book review: Elizabeth is missing, by Emma Healey


I picked this up as an impulse purchase one day from a local shop, what a wonderful find. The blurb on the back reads:

Without giving anything further away about the plot, it was so fascinating to get to know a character telling a story from the perspective of a worsening memory over time. Maud’s dementia progresses as the novel does, and this was written so astonishingly well that although I understood what was happening to her, I also felt her confusion, her frustration, her sadness, as the story moved on through the jumbled present and her past memories.

The characters around Maud, even when she cannot remember quite who they are, were strong and clear to me. In the present and in the past I felt I was slowly unpeeling who they were and what was happening and what had happened. This was a refreshing book, a mystery from a completely different perspective, and I rate it 4 stars.


Summer pause


I don’t want to set any resolutions or start any big extravagant goals right now.  It has been some time since I posted a blog entry and I thought I would just do it.  Write it, post it, see if it is something which starts the momentum again or just sits on its own.  I am okay either way.  Taking a two week break over Christmas and New Year is pretty standard for me, and it’s a chance to pause, take a breath and think about things.  This generally can lead to sweeping statements about what I will achieve in the next twelve months, but for today I am just relaxing.

Two projects I am very proud of myself for completing ready for Christmas gifts were a crochet blanket for my grandparents and a knitted dinosaur (“derposaur”) for my sister.





I also completed a crochet ripple scarf for my Mum, but stupidly I have no photos of the finished object!  Here is when I first started it and the two yarns I was using:

img_8429 img_8431

Lastly, I knit Dave a beanie to replace one that he lost.  Yes, he lost a beanie a little while ago that I made him, but that’s because he wore it and wore it all the time, so I knew it was loved.  I still had plenty of the yarn left so I made one to replace it and he was very happy – it’s a really soft acrylic, so I can understand why he enjoys wearing it so much.


So this is my summer pause.  Also yes, I still have far too many unfinished projects floating about the place, so of course I am proud of these ones!  After tomorrow I go back to work, and I need to steel myself a little for that one because it hasn’t been my favourite place lately.  So without it being a new year resolution I am hoping to go back with a fresh brain and mood, ready to tackle challenges and … yeah, I hope to eat some healthy lunches too and do some more walking.  There you go.  Can’t help myself, right?



When crochet flies off the hook


Sometimes I find myself working on something and it seems to take forever.  Other times I pick my hook and yarn up and suddenly I have almost an entire completed object in my hands!  That is what has happened with this granny square blanket.  It won’t be a very big blanket, lap rug size or something a toddler can drag around.  But I’m happy with how it is coming together, and it is already coming together – half the squares are joined and I will be able to join the rest very quickly and then think about a border.

The yarn is a very soft acrylic, it’s been such a pleasure to make …  I started this only two weeks ago.

This is the first time I have ever joined crochet squares in this way.  It is a “Simulated Braid Join” from Gourmet Crochet, here is a link if you would like to try.  I really like the way it looks, and is a big change from my usual whip stitch!

Tomorrow night is craft night with the girls at the local community centre.  Last week I was only part way through making squares, I’m looking forward to showing them how much more I have done now.  Yes, I am a show off, are you surprised to learn this now?