Yarny Photo Challenge – Day 1: Introductions


Just for fun, I thought I would do the #yarnlovechallenge Photo a Day prompts.  The first prompt is “Introductions” so here I am, clutching a bunch of squares I am currently  crocheting.  I think my big grabby hand shows you how much I love my yarn projects.

I’m adding the prompts here too, in case anyone reading this wants to play too.  The challenge is from maryheatherbrowne.com and oharethey.com – I love a fun collaboration!




When crochet flies off the hook


Sometimes I find myself working on something and it seems to take forever.  Other times I pick my hook and yarn up and suddenly I have almost an entire completed object in my hands!  That is what has happened with this granny square blanket.  It won’t be a very big blanket, lap rug size or something a toddler can drag around.  But I’m happy with how it is coming together, and it is already coming together – half the squares are joined and I will be able to join the rest very quickly and then think about a border.

The yarn is a very soft acrylic, it’s been such a pleasure to make …  I started this only two weeks ago.

This is the first time I have ever joined crochet squares in this way.  It is a “Simulated Braid Join” from Gourmet Crochet, here is a link if you would like to try.  I really like the way it looks, and is a big change from my usual whip stitch!

Tomorrow night is craft night with the girls at the local community centre.  Last week I was only part way through making squares, I’m looking forward to showing them how much more I have done now.  Yes, I am a show off, are you surprised to learn this now?


New kitty, new projects


I am working on a yarn bombing project!  I have signed up to a project where the plan is to decorate a street in North Melbourne, and I have put my name down for a bike rack.  It is a simple curved pole and the measurement is 16 x 220 centimetres.  I made a base piece in black, grey and white stripes, and now I am read to put flowers on it.  I made a couple of flowers and I sewed one on to check and I’m really happy with how it is coming along.

FullSizeRender (22)


In other very exciting news, a week and a half ago we adopted a new kitty from the Cat Protection Society!  He is 10 months old, a tabby sweetheart who we have named “Pudding”.  Yes, we now have a cat called Mr Biscuit and another called Pudding – perhaps we are a little food-obsessed in my house.

Pudding was brought home on a Thursday and we settled him in slowly over that weekend.  It has taken Mr Biscuit a little while to forgive us for bringing a small crazy stranger into the house but they are slowly getting there.  I woke up last night and realised they were both sleeping on the bed with us!  A very big step, but we are yet to see them actually curl up together.  As I type this, Pudding is playing madly on the floor with a toy with a huge burst of energy, as Mr Biscuit perches on the coffee table nearby watching.




Tonight it is raining hard on the roof and I am feeling very cosy and happy.  My sister and her boyfriend came over for dinner and we had giggles and now it is just David and I relaxing with our pets.  Perhaps I will keep working on another project I started recently – it is a Circle Dance Blanket, and I kind of hope to finish it for a Christmas present but am not 100% sure who it is for!

FullSizeRender (23)


Repurposing and Stash Busting

FullSizeRender (17)


I never thought I would do any yarn bombing.  Not because I don’t love it – I do love to see it.  But my only “almost taste” of yarn bombing was long ago, run by a poorly organised person and the people who did make things and contribute them saw them stolen / ruined within 24 hours.  It didn’t fill me with hope for it as a future hobby of mine.

There is a group in Melbourne called Yarn Corner, however, with a reputation for doing beautiful yarn bombs.  Well organised and well placed, and therefore less likely to be ruined by those who don’t appreciate it.  Their pieces tend to be done for shows, or in very public places commissioned by supportive councils.  So I joined their Facebook group out of curiosity …

… and found a home for some things which have been floating around in my “UFO” basket for over 12 months.  Remember I had lofty ambitions to design my own blanket, of paisleys?  I made some flowers then got confused about how to turn it into something, and lost interest.  Many flowers with no home, and no real future project in mind.  Until Yarn Corner put out a call for items for the Victorian Spring Garden & Lifestyle show.  They’re covering two large trees – one with free form flowers and bugs, the other with flower centred squares.

I’ve been at home feeling ill with a head cold for a few days, and I pulled out my flowers and turned them into the items ready to post off to Yarn Corner.  This removes some items from my stash, and gives my little flowers a home!  I’m so happy.  I also made up a little butterfly which I am really happy with too.


IMG_6450  IMG_6440 IMG_6444 IMG_6441 IMG_6445IMG_6428 IMG_6429 IMG_6442   IMG_6446 IMG_6447