Adventures in Food Diary writing


It’s certainly interesting identifying the ingredients of a salad and guessing portions, and then trying to find those foods in a database like MyFitnessPal!

Yesterday I had a tuna Niçoise salad, and today appears to be beetroot, sweet potato, barley and a number of other things. Goats cheese I think, yum! Let’s see what it all adds up to, shall we?


Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow


Yesterday we were on canteen duty at our gaming club which meant hot dogs and chocolates and the like.  We also went out for drinks for my dearest friend’s birthday and I had a couple of pints of cider plus a burger and onion rings.  Was this a “slip” in my determination to get healthy?  No, I am calling it a free day and refusing to let it worry me.

During the week, I kept my food diary and also made sure to get plenty of steps.  This included going into a GYM.  That’s right!  The gym next door to one of the offices I work in gave me a “free 7-day trial” pass and I went in and used the treadmill after work on Tuesday and Friday.  It has been a long time since I walked on a treadmill, and the first time I got that weird sea legs feeling afterwards.  Not exactly sea legs, but … when you walk, the world is going at the wrong pace.  I think that will make sense to anyone who remembers getting off a treadmill for the first time (or the first time in ages).

The result of this is that I’ve realised that on two cold, miserable, wet days when I normally wouldn’t have gone for a walk at all, I have managed to get in some exercise.  I’m going to ‘bite the bullet’ and sign up for a gym membership this Tuesday.  The same chain of gyms are in enough places nearby to where I work and live that I think I will be going two to three times a week without having any excuses of “oh but it is far away”.  It is not!

Tomorrow I will weigh myself and see how things have been going, even with that delicious burger in my tummy!

Here is a funny update for you in the way my brain works, even after just two weeks of thinking about weight loss.  I am sitting here on the couch with my laptop typing this blog post, and one of our cats comes along.  He cries for cuddles and then when I don’t respond straight away and he sees my lap is occupied, he crawls straight up onto my ample chest and curls up with his head on my shoulder for a snooze.  My first thought?

“Enjoy it while it lasts, Pudding, because after I lose all this weight, you won’t have such a big cushion to sleep on!”



A post about weight loss!


I am so happy to be writing a post about weight loss that isn’t just theoretical.  I have a confession to make, which is this.  After our cruise, after we got home, my home scales refused to register my weight any more.  This is a pair of scales which goes up to a VERY LARGE weight, not your standard scales which get angry if you tip 100kg (as that tipping point happened to me almost 20 years ago).

Everyone said that on a cruise, we would eat and eat and I thought “yes, whatever, we will also be walking and looking at things and it all balances out”.  Oh, the naivety.  Every day we had buffet breakfast which for me included croissants, cinnamon buns, waffles with syrup plus berry compote plus yoghurt, etc.  Sugar city!  But I told myself “I’m not also having eggs and bacon and hash browns, so it’s not so bad”.  Lunch every day was a variety of buffet options.  Dinner every night was a full three course meal, and that wasn’t my only dessert for the day.

You see where I’m going with this?  Well, don’t worry, because where I’m going is this:

Today is Saturday, and since Monday I have been making conscious choices about what to put in my face and paying attention to how many steps I am walking.  I haven’t hit every goal, but last night I went out for dinner with friends and I even tried to make better choices than I normally would.  A small steak, vegetables on the side not fries/chips, minimum of sauces and oils and just one glass of wine.

The result is that MY SCALES AND I ARE FRIENDS AGAIN!  Not only is it acknowledging me (instead of giving me the humiliating ERR message or showing 0.0kg) I am a couple of kilograms below the maximum it can deal with.  I may have been 2 kilograms over the maximum or just 100 grams, I will never know.  What I do know is that I want to keep seeing that number go down now, and I’m motivated to make an effort, which, after almost a week of looking after my health, is very nice indeed.

Day / Date Calories (myfitnesspal) Steps (fitbit)
Monday 11 July 1,503 9,485
Tuesday 12 July 1,744 6,217
Wednesday 13 July 1,926 5,704
Thursday 14 July 1,858 7,854
Friday 15 July 2,024 8,720

What I would like to achieve next week is at least one step count over 10,000 and every step count over 7,000.  That is my hope!  Guess what else?  I am going to go to a gym on Tuesday and take up the offer of a free 7-day pass and use their treadmills and have a look around and see if I would like to join up for a while.  I think it can only do me good.


An Update


I have been pretty good about keeping food diaries, and my FitBit has been clocking many steps, here is the last week for example:

  • Tue Jan 12th: 10,624 steps
  • Wed Jan 13: 6,319 steps
  • Thu Jan 14: 8,133 steps
  • Fri Jan 15: 4,381 steps
  • Sat Jan 16: 9,436 steps
  • Sun Jan 17th:  9,632 steps
  • Mon Jan 18th:  9,838 steps

As you can see, I’m not reaching 10,000 steps each day and Friday was a rest day, but we are making efforts to walk more and my commute is helping – catching the train instead of driving makes such a difference!

On 27th December 2015 I weighed 175.4 kilograms (386.7 pounds).  I know, crazy.  This morning I weighed 172.6 kilograms (380.5 pounds).  If I keep going in this manner, it is going to slowly creep off, and that’s going to be good for me.  Of course, I want it all gone yesterday, but I ate all that food, so I have nobody to pin this on but myself!  Happily nobody around me is a fat-shaming jerk, so I feel motivated and cheerful.



Week 1: How am I tracking so far?


This is a bit of a dull post perhaps, but here is a week of food and exercise.  On Friday 1st January I didn’t keep a food diary, and Saturday and Sunday the food diaries are more estimated because we were out and about, so I haven’t bothered to add too much detail.  You could say I eased my way into my new year resolutions!

Since returning to work, my commute each day includes plenty of walking, which means my FitBit is recording lots of steps, which is great.  On Friday (New Year’s Day public holiday) and on Sunday, we went for big walks local to home.

What makes me think I might stay motivated a little longer than the first week of January, this year?  A couple of things – firstly, I am not motivated on my own.  Dave has been motivated too – yesterday his friend came to visit and instead of driving to the shops for lunch they walked and chose to eat salad sandwiches from Subway instead of fried chicken or burgers.  Today he sent me a message to let me know he contacted his friend who lives up the road and they did a 5 kilometre walk around the parks and up to the shops where he bought some bread and walked home to make a healthy lunch.  I’m really proud of him and pleased that this is helping me stay on track.

We both want to feel and look better, of course – and of course our holiday in June is making me want to be comfortable in my seat on an aeroplane instead of squished and miserable!

Friday 1st Total Calories unknown
  FitBit Steps 10,758
Saturday 2nd Total Calories 2,400?
  FitBit Steps 3,683
Sunday 3rd Total Calories 2,120
  FitBit Steps 12,597
Monday 4th Total Calories 1,490
  FitBit Steps 10,073
Breakfast Porridge with apple puree 290
Lunch Chicken, cheese and salad toasted sandwich 566
Dinner Chicken Mexican rice 440
Snacks Yogurt (low fat with strawberry) 114
Snacks Coffee – skinny latte 80
Tuesday 5th Total Calories 1,470
  FitBit Steps 10,365
Breakfast Coffee and Rice Bubbles (with skim milk) 359
Lunch Chicken salad sandwich 421
Dinner Chicken Mexican rice and some M&Ms 690
Wednesday 6th Total Calories 1,535
  FitBit Steps 8,331
Breakfast Porridge with banana 328
Lunch Chicken, cheese and salad toasted sandwich 566
Dinner Crumbed fish and steamed vegetables 445
Snacks White chocolate frog 196
Thursday 7th Total Calories 1,857
  FitBit Steps (as at 8:30pm) 10,736
Breakfast Porridge with banana and a latte coffee 453
Lunch Chicken, cheese and salad toasted sandwich 566
Dinner Eye fillet steak and steamed vegetables plus a root beer (soda stream) 557
Snacks Butterfingers mini chocolate bars (2) and a chai latte 281

Our walks on Friday and Sunday took a similar route around our neighbourhood.  We’re lucky to live near wetlands and it is quite flat, so even a very unfit person like me can go for a decent walk, even though it takes me a bit longer!

Friday 1st January:

walk jan 1

Sunday 3rd January:

walk jan 3



When does it “count”?


My latest “Oh gosh I need to do something about this” moment came and went, and I stood on the scales and watched a couple of episodes of the latest season of The Biggest Loser.

I kept a food diary for two days last week, then got sporadic again.

My colleague and I got outside into the combination of spring sunshine and biting wind and walked around the stadium near work a couple of times.  The day I walked three laps of the stadium (about three kilometres) I forgot to wear my FitBit and I didn’t save  the “Runkeeper” log that I started on my phone just for fun.

All of this means I don’t have much to show for it.  This morning I stood on the scales and I was actually one kilogram lighter than this time last week, which got me thinking.

Why don’t I think it “counts” unless I’ve recorded it in some way?  I know that keeping a food diary helps me stay on track and disciplined, but does it have to be perfect?  I know that wearing my FitBit and seeing my steps can help me with motivation and also show me the days where I am not being active enough, but does it have to be perfect?

I’m worried that I’ve gotten into a habit of thinking that it needs to be marked, recorded, blogged,  or it doesn’t count.  It won’t work.  This is what is on my mind, even as I sit here with another part of my brain thinking about new stationery or a new blog or some new way to keep myself in check.


Wavering: or – One Week can make a difference!


As you know, I had a few very good weeks where I kept my food diaries and recorded my weight loss and felt very smug.  I’ve been wavering so much in the last two weeks, however, that this morning I stood on the scales and recorded a weight gain.  Last week I was still on the downward trend, inexplicably, and this is the one week that has made the difference and had me bouncing the other way.

This sucks, but it is a good thing.  It reminds me that I cannot eat muffins for breakfast and cake for afternoon tea (I did both yesterday) and expect to continue on the same path as when I eat porridge for breakfast and in the afternoon actually consider whether I am hungry or not.  It is 7:30 am, I will be heading to work soon, and I have already eaten a healthy breakfast and tracked it in MyFitnessPal.  I will have a great many wake up calls, I know that, but today this is my latest wake up call and I am listening!