Yarny Photo Challenge – Day 4: Speed


I feel this photo needs a little commentary.  Remember in 2013 I started a Beekeeper Quilt project?  So far I have made just over 70 hexipuffs (long breaks in between and lots of other projects on the go).  So I thought it would be funny to choose these for “Speed”.  The ones in the top of this jar were made in January, and each one is really speedy – taking about 40 minutes to make.  But the project?  The project is not speedy, I need to make hundreds of these to complete a quilt!  They’re a fun diversion and I still enjoy looking at them, even so.



Yarny Photo Challenge – Day 1: Introductions


Just for fun, I thought I would do the #yarnlovechallenge Photo a Day prompts.  The first prompt is “Introductions” so here I am, clutching a bunch of squares I am currently  crocheting.  I think my big grabby hand shows you how much I love my yarn projects.

I’m adding the prompts here too, in case anyone reading this wants to play too.  The challenge is from maryheatherbrowne.com and oharethey.com – I love a fun collaboration!




Summer pause


I don’t want to set any resolutions or start any big extravagant goals right now.  It has been some time since I posted a blog entry and I thought I would just do it.  Write it, post it, see if it is something which starts the momentum again or just sits on its own.  I am okay either way.  Taking a two week break over Christmas and New Year is pretty standard for me, and it’s a chance to pause, take a breath and think about things.  This generally can lead to sweeping statements about what I will achieve in the next twelve months, but for today I am just relaxing.

Two projects I am very proud of myself for completing ready for Christmas gifts were a crochet blanket for my grandparents and a knitted dinosaur (“derposaur”) for my sister.





I also completed a crochet ripple scarf for my Mum, but stupidly I have no photos of the finished object!  Here is when I first started it and the two yarns I was using:

img_8429 img_8431

Lastly, I knit Dave a beanie to replace one that he lost.  Yes, he lost a beanie a little while ago that I made him, but that’s because he wore it and wore it all the time, so I knew it was loved.  I still had plenty of the yarn left so I made one to replace it and he was very happy – it’s a really soft acrylic, so I can understand why he enjoys wearing it so much.


So this is my summer pause.  Also yes, I still have far too many unfinished projects floating about the place, so of course I am proud of these ones!  After tomorrow I go back to work, and I need to steel myself a little for that one because it hasn’t been my favourite place lately.  So without it being a new year resolution I am hoping to go back with a fresh brain and mood, ready to tackle challenges and … yeah, I hope to eat some healthy lunches too and do some more walking.  There you go.  Can’t help myself, right?



101 things in 1,001 days – what’s happening?


It was fun writing such a long list of goals, and it was fun accomplishing some of them.  I could certainly look at accomplishing some more in the next six months before I close it down, but I feel I would be just paying lip service.  What the list has taught me is that it is very easy to procrastinate when you give yourself a huge pile of things to achieve and a very long deadline.  No I didn’t break it up into bite-size chunks, and so here we are.  101 goals, with not even a quarter crossed out.

What I am going to do is close the list down now, call it an experiment and accept that not all experiments are successful based on their original intent.  I don’t think this has been a waste, though.  It has made me think about the things I like to do, the things I clearly don’t like to do (ahem, housework, exercise) and about setting myself some shorter term goals here and there.  There is no need to worry about it all too much.

Do you know I was anxious enough about my lack of progress that I looked at running away from this blog altogether and starting a new one anonymously?  I still wanted to keep a blog, I still wanted to achieve some things, but was going to hide from the list in shame.

That’s dumb.  It was a momentary whim anyway.  An extrovert with tendencies to show off does find it difficult to be “anonymous” you know.  I don’t crave fame, but I don’t want to have to double-check my secret identity, either.  When I do good things I like to claim credit for them, and a little acknowledgement here and there gives me a boost.

A crafty update now, to swing the topic around and give you some pretties to look at.  Remember two years ago (if you were reading then) I got excited about and made nearly 50 hexipuffs?  They are a little squishy knitted hexagon, made from scraps of sock yarn, and the idea is to make hundreds of them and eventually sew them together into a big, warm quilt.  The pattern is The Beekeeper’s Quilt by Tiny Owl knits.  Well, this month I decided it was time to make some more, and so far I have added a further 17 puffs to my big glass jar, bringing me to 65 in total.  Here’s a little gallery of the hexipuffs made so far in July 2016 and a look into the top of the jar.  So much squishy!


July 2016 – what now?


All kinds of thoughts have kept me away from this blog for some months, and also all kinds of fun things.  I feel embarrassed that I keep writing in here about how I am GOING TO eat better, exercise more, improve my health – and I never do.  The purpose of writing to keep me honest is one thing, but sometimes writing means I do so much plotting and planning, and not enough doing.

I’m trying to do better.  I currently tip the scales at the heaviest I have ever been, and that’s something I need to do something about or I will not live a long enough life.

This isn’t an entry about a sad life, however.  We have recently returned from a lovely holiday – we flew all the way to Washington state in USA and played nerdy games with lots of people.  We then hopped on board a huge cruise ship to Alaska and back.  All pretty mind-blowing stuff, and really worthy of a blog post.

My career isn’t everything I’d like it to be, and so I am going to try some study again.  I’m looking at enrolling in a couple of subjects in August towards a degree – which, if I do it, will take a few years to complete.  So that’s something to plan for and look forward to.

Also I’m biting the bullet and giving another healthy plan a go.  Yesterday we had family lunch for Dave’s birthday which included huge amounts of food and then cheesecake (I baked, but forgot to take a picture of it to share with you).  We were so full from lunch that we skipped dinner and went straight to the left over cheesecake for dessert last night.  Not exactly good nutrition!  This morning my day has started with oatmeal porridge with berries in it, and I am feeling motivated to eat well.

Self-discipline to keep it up is my next wish.

To finish my post, here are some photos – first is of me knitting on our cruise with yarn I bought in Alaska, followed by the finished object (so warm and yummy, I have been wearing constantly since we got back home to Melbourne winter).  The other photos are a black bear cub (not a teeny cub, he or she is about five months old) we saw in the wild!