Adventures in Food Diary writing


It’s certainly interesting identifying the ingredients of a salad and guessing portions, and then trying to find those foods in a database like MyFitnessPal!

Yesterday I had a tuna Niçoise salad, and today appears to be beetroot, sweet potato, barley and a number of other things. Goats cheese I think, yum! Let’s see what it all adds up to, shall we?


Wednesday check-in



  • Porridge with a banana in it
  • Small skinny latte
  • Salad (picture below – lots of good stuff in it)
  • Lamb chop, potato, corn and carrot
  • Chai latte
  • Greek yogurt with strawberry

Total: 1,852 calories


  • Wholemeal toast with light butter & vegemite
  • Coffee with skim milk
  • Salad (same as yesterday)
  • Cauliflower & potato soup
  • Caramel macchiato
  • Toasted banana & milo sandwiches
  • Cup of tea with milk
  • Rice crackers with basil dip (3)

Total: 1,823 calories

photo (86)

I’ve been good about wearing my FitBit this week, and I’m walking close to 7,000 steps each day.  This is just incidental exercise, by catching public transport and moving around a bit.  This is pretty good, because it gives me faith that when I’m ready to kick off my list item of 10,000 steps a day if I keep up this activity one more good walk around the block will get me to that goal.


Guesstimating Calories


Sometimes it is tricky to guess the calories of a meal, even a healthy one.  This was my lunch today, three salads from the cafe at work.  The pasta salad had olives in it – I love olives.

photo (79)


Food Diaries


  • Porridge oats and a banana
  • Small skinny latte
  • Roast lamb with vegetable quinoa salad
  • Small skinny latte
  • Apple
  • Pork casserole
  • Chai latte
  • “Skinny Cow” cookie ice cream

Total: 1,838 calories


  • Porridge oats and a banana
  • Salads:  beef salad, pasta salad, quinoa & rocket salad
  • Small skinny latte
  • Apple
  • Subway:  6″ roast chicken with cheese & BBQ sauce, salad
  • 2 Kingston biscuits
  • Cup of tea with skim milk

Total: 1,521 calories

I have just been at “Crafters Circle”, my regular Wednesday catch up with local friends to knit and crochet and stitch and bitch.  I was trying to crochet a ripple blanket and then I pulled it out, and then I started to try to do something else, and I pulled it out, and then something else …  it has been one of those evenings where I’m not quite happy with anything I’m working on, so have ended up achieving nothing.  But I had fun chattering and drinking my cup of tea and raiding the biscuits!  I do like my crafty friends.

An update on my train travel:  still going strong!  Tomorrow the only reason I am driving to work is because I will be working at Knox for the day, and there aren’t any viable public transport options.  It would mean two hours via two trains and a bus and both zones 1 and 2, instead of just under an hour by car with free parking.  So the cost difference between public transport and driving is minimal and the time difference is huge.  I am saying this doesn’t count against my challenge of only catching the train to work, as it is not travel to my normal workplace.


Tuesday thoughts


This morning saw me rushing and running late from the start, and on the go from 7:30 with meetings and things to do.  Yes, I felt very busy and important all day long!

I am proud that although I ran late I didn’t use this as an excuse to buy unhealthy breakfast.  I bought a banana and a coffee just after 9am and ignored all the treats at the cafe.  Tomorrow morning I will be less rushed and make my own breakfast, and also have lunch to take to work too which will help me stay on track.

For lunch I ate salad – the cafe at work piles salad up quite large on the plate, but I have logged into My Fitness Pal as best I can, and I believe my calories today were really good.  The picture below is my salad lunch (three different kinds of salad), and when I got home from work Dave had cooked chicken breast in some seasoning and put together some salad too, it was delicious!

photo (27)


Therefore I’m feeling pretty good about it all.  My only concern this week is that my goal of deliberate exercise three times a week is going to be difficult.  Last night we had friends over for dinner, tomorrow night I’m going to knitting group and Thursday night a friend is coming over too.  Instead of getting off my butt and doing something tonight, I cast on and started knitting a beanie.  Knitting in the round meant I get to use one of the lovely stitch markers Dave gave me for Christmas.

photo (26)


I don’t often knit in the round, so this means I won’t lose track of where each “round” ends.

I’m going to be in bed a little bit after my 10pm goal but I’m feeling good.  It has been a good start to the week.


Thursday Munchings


Today I bought breakfast again – a buttered blueberry bagel and skinny latte.  For lunch I went to a place near work that has yummy salads, and I chose three.

  • Top layer, steamed vegetable salad (no dressing) – very good!
  • Middle layer, roast beetroot salad with feta cheese (no dressing) – okay!
  • Bottom layer, roast potato and bacon salad, with dressing – oops!

I like to think it was balanced.  Then I got home and Dave roasted vegetables and had slow cooked amazing pork and my dinner was so very delicious!  So today was not a low calorie day, but wow, I enjoyed each meal and did not snack in between and I think I’m okay with it all.

salad1 = Top Layer

salad2 = Middle Layer

salad3 = Bottom Layer

pork = Dinner


Too Hot to Sleep …


Whew it is still 30 degrees Celsius and after 10pm and I have an early wake up tomorrow for Toastmasters. Need to sleep!

Today I had a decadent breakfast of a toasted, buttered blueberry bagel and a coffee. Lunch was a rather strange salad – a nice piece of salmon but atop a whole lot of tomato, some soggy bread and tasty dressing. Soggy bread? Then a hot chocolate in the afternoon (I know, a hot day, but the air conditioning was cranked so high in the office!) Then dinner was another salad – chicken Caesar. I’m pretty happy with the day, and got plenty of steps on the FitBit!




Monday 4th February


Today is my Nanna’s birthday, and she is 85 years old.  I cannot begin to tell you how much of a treasure my Nan is, and I love her dearly.  In about two weeks’ time it is also her 65th wedding anniversary with my Pop, and that just blows my mind.  Of course, she is a wonderfully cranky old lady when it comes to her husband, but that is the way things should be after 65 years, surely!  My Mum has certainly passed on many knitting lessons over the years, but Nan is my true reason for knitting, and loving it.  There is a picnic lunch party planned on the weekend to celebrate, and I have volunteered to organise some cake – I like cake!

However, today cake has not been my focus.  Today my focus was on balancing my food diary and taking notice of my habits.  In the afternoon when I felt like snacking, I reminded myself that I would want ice cream for dessert after dinner, and so I had more water instead.  I told my grumbling tummy that if the water was not enough, I may be talked into a cup of tea or coffee, but this is as much as I needed.  Today my tummy listened to me and my brain won, so I am chalking this one up to a small victory along the way.

Jarrah Brazil Delight Coffee 56
Extra 50mL skim milk 23
Banana 121
Multigrain Porridge 152
La Zuppa – Spinach & Chickpea Soup 189
2 slices Grainy Bread 199
Vegemite 19
Dinner / Evening  
Scotch Fillet Steak 481
Mushrooms  & Light Butter 26
Salad and Light Ranch Dressing 196
Magnum Strawberry White Crumble 320
Cup of Tea with Skim Milk 15
TOTAL 1,797 Calories


My FitBit has registered 6,837 steps for today which isn’t amazing, but it’s acceptable. By making and eating my breakfast before I left home and taking my vegemite sandwich to work with me and microwaving the tinned soup in my locker I also saved some money. In celebration I booked our hotel in New York for August. Yes, breakfast and lunch doesn’t quite balance out the cost of a hotel for four nights, but it was fun finding myself a hotel that I think looks lovely, and using a planned expense as my reward!