Yarny Photo Challenge – Day 4: Speed


I feel this photo needs a little commentary.  Remember in 2013 I started a Beekeeper Quilt project?  So far I have made just over 70 hexipuffs (long breaks in between and lots of other projects on the go).  So I thought it would be funny to choose these for “Speed”.  The ones in the top of this jar were made in January, and each one is really speedy – taking about 40 minutes to make.  But the project?  The project is not speedy, I need to make hundreds of these to complete a quilt!  They’re a fun diversion and I still enjoy looking at them, even so.



Are you ready to hexipuff?


I’m linking back to a post from late May, where I talked about ‘bribing’ myself to catch the train and save some money, with the chance to buy lots of lovely yarn to make a Beekeeper’s Quilt.

Carrot or Stick? … and Honeycomb

I am about to reach the end of my four week challenge that is Item 31 on my list:  Catching the train to work every day for four weeks.  I’m happy to tell you that I feel that doing this for four weeks has definitely formed the habit.  It has been great to see that this has saved me some $$ that I have been able to spend on some fun mini-skeins, and a batch arrived in the post yesterday!

photo (87)

I have already rolled one into a ball, and I’m going to roll the rest up and start knitting Hexipuffs!  I have a crochet project I’m working on that I can take on the train tomorrow, but will start these soon and post up the first one.  You can see that the ball I’ve rolled up is all pinks and greens and purples like a delicious spring garden.  This will be lovely to knit on a cold winter’s morning after walking to the train station in a scarf!

The mini-skeins were from this Etsy store:  https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/nikkislipp