Yarny Photo Challenge – Day 1: Introductions


Just for fun, I thought I would do the #yarnlovechallenge Photo a Day prompts.  The first prompt is “Introductions” so here I am, clutching a bunch of squares I am currently  crocheting.  I think my big grabby hand shows you how much I love my yarn projects.

I’m adding the prompts here too, in case anyone reading this wants to play too.  The challenge is from maryheatherbrowne.com and oharethey.com – I love a fun collaboration!




Summer pause


I don’t want to set any resolutions or start any big extravagant goals right now.  It has been some time since I posted a blog entry and I thought I would just do it.  Write it, post it, see if it is something which starts the momentum again or just sits on its own.  I am okay either way.  Taking a two week break over Christmas and New Year is pretty standard for me, and it’s a chance to pause, take a breath and think about things.  This generally can lead to sweeping statements about what I will achieve in the next twelve months, but for today I am just relaxing.

Two projects I am very proud of myself for completing ready for Christmas gifts were a crochet blanket for my grandparents and a knitted dinosaur (“derposaur”) for my sister.





I also completed a crochet ripple scarf for my Mum, but stupidly I have no photos of the finished object!  Here is when I first started it and the two yarns I was using:

img_8429 img_8431

Lastly, I knit Dave a beanie to replace one that he lost.  Yes, he lost a beanie a little while ago that I made him, but that’s because he wore it and wore it all the time, so I knew it was loved.  I still had plenty of the yarn left so I made one to replace it and he was very happy – it’s a really soft acrylic, so I can understand why he enjoys wearing it so much.


So this is my summer pause.  Also yes, I still have far too many unfinished projects floating about the place, so of course I am proud of these ones!  After tomorrow I go back to work, and I need to steel myself a little for that one because it hasn’t been my favourite place lately.  So without it being a new year resolution I am hoping to go back with a fresh brain and mood, ready to tackle challenges and … yeah, I hope to eat some healthy lunches too and do some more walking.  There you go.  Can’t help myself, right?



Stash … I’m afraid of the truth


Tonight I have been spending some time recording my “stash” in Ravelry.  For those who do not use Ravelry, it is a website dedicated to yarn addicts such as myself.  Patterns, forums, databases, everything I could possibly need when it comes to yarn – and a section of the database I have avoided so far is the “stash”.  Here is where you can photograph and record each skein/ball/tangle of yarn in your possession, and tonight I uploaded 53 items, mostly double-knit/8 ply acrylic at this stage plus a bit of wool.

It’s horrifying, I have BARELY touched the surface of the true stash in boxes and bags around my house, and already I have recorded 53 things in this stash library, adding up to 6.4 kilograms (or approximately 14,772 metres) of yarn.

I have a problem.  Oh, and some of it is partially crocheted (see below) or even worse, some of it WAS partially knitted or crocheted and I unravelled it as I went.  So I even undid some of my previous stash busting for projects I knew I would never finish!